Jese ‘learns from Cristiano every day’

Real Madrid forward Jese has said in an interview he has no doubts Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

Speaking to UEFA’s official website ahead of Madrid’s Champions League second leg game against Schalke, Jese revealed what he has made of the step up to Los Blancos’ first team.

“To begin with it was strange but then, when you manage to deal with the whole world watching you and you watching yourself, you get confidence from that and from seeing that you are doing well,” he said.

“So now I am just another member of the team. Well no, not really, as they have been playing for years at a high level, and are regulars, but the more you see it as normal, the better it is.

“I deal with [the pressure from fans] very well, because the fans want the young players to do well,” Jese continued.

“There are a lot of us playing in the first team so we always have their support.

“But the fans are very demanding as well, so it is a constant test, not only for the young players but also for the players who have been in the team longer. We all try to do our best.

“It's been a gigantic step, because you come from the third level up into the first.

“So the steps you take get bigger and bigger, and then you start playing with world-class players, different kinds of players.

“There are really a lot of fantastic players at Real Madrid and you have to compete with them. You experience Champions League matches in a totally different way to League or Cup games.

“I can see now as a Real Madrid player, having experienced them since I was a boy going to the stadium, that those nights are full of passion and that the fans live them in a very special and different way to other matches. They have a lot of passion.”

Jese added that he was not the only player to closely watch Ronaldo and learn from the Ballon d’Or winner.

“You learn a lot from Cristiano every day,” he said.

“It's clear to me especially and to all my teammates that he is the best. He deserves all the awards there are. He's a great professional.

“The thing that has most impressed me is the ambition he shows every day.”

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