Barca reiterate Messi renewal desire

A Barcelona spokesman has confirmed the club’s intention to renew the contract of Lionel Messi.

Messi became the club’s all-time leading scorer with a hat-trick against Osasuna on Sunday and has been in talks with La Blaugrana about renewing his terms.

Negotiations appear to have stalled in recent weeks but Manel Arroyo, Barca’s vice president of communications, confirmed at a Press conference that talks were on-going.

“Leo has said in his own words that he wants to retire at Barca,” Arroyo said at an event intended to showcase Barca’s plans for the redevelopment of Camp Nou.

“As we have every other time, we’ll make every effort to help Leo complete his career at Barca.

“In fact, at the [board meeting] we welcomed the new record set as top scorer and reinforced our commitment to ensure Leo’s continuity.

“If at 26 he has surpassed Paulino Alcantara, we cannot imagine where it will end.”

Arroyo however declined to comment on when the deal would be signed.

“I refer you to the statement of President Bartomeu,” Arroyo replied.

“When he took over the job of speaking with Messi and [his father and agent] Jorge Messi, he wanted to talk unhurried and with discretion. And that’s what he’s doing.

“It doesn’t do anyone any favours to talk about it now.”

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