Cesc: Barca can win all three

Cesc Fabregas believes Barcelona are among the favourites in the Champions League, Copa del Rey and League.

Barca dispatched Manchester City this week in the Champions League, play Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey final and are third in La Liga, four points behind Los Blancos with the Clasico to come later this month.

The midfielder has told RAC 1 that the win over City will prove the turning point in what has been an inconsistent season so far.

“The way we played against Real Valladolid wasn’t acceptable for anyone in the Barca shirt,” Fabregas said of the 1-0 defeat that preceded the City fixture.

“It’s not good for anyone that our performances can be so different in four days, but we played with great discipline against City that we didn’t against Valladolid.

“I was worried that the criticism of the team would harm us but that’s not how I saw it work out. I saw a team wanting to put it right.

“We will give everything [for the rest of the season] and we can win all three competitions.”

Barca are into the quarter final stage of the Champions League and Fabregas said that while he would like to avoid Madrid and holders Bayern Munich in the draw, whoever Barca play will be a challenge.

“There’s also Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, who have taken a big step in quality. Any opponent is difficult now,” Fabregas insisted.

Talk then turned to some of Fabregas’ teammates, with the former Arsenal captain asked for his thoughts on Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez and the soon-to-depart Carles Puyol.

“Messi is the natural leader of this team and we have to be guided by him,” Fabregas said of the Argentina international.

“We have to make the best of Messi for this team to aspire to everything it does.

“I don’t see myself replacing Xavi. Xavi is unique,” Fabregas continued.

“No matter how hard we look, Xavi is a one and only. Whoever replaces him will have to be very strong mentally and the team and the fans will have to get used to playing differently.

“The day Xavi is not in Barcelona we will see a different team. I don’t know if it’ll be better or worse but it’ll be different for sure.

“I knew for a few days [Puyol was leaving]. It’s very sad. A myth and a legend of Barcelona is going.

“Many people might have stayed here and collected their wages for two more years. He has shown dignity.”

Fabregas concluded by reflecting on Victor Valdes’ decision to leave, arguing that Valdes’ generation have been through so much at Camp Nou he has earned the right to make his choice.

“Only Victor knows what he’s gone through and it’s a very personal thing,” Fabregas said.

“He’s had a lot of wear. Xavi, Puyol, Victor, also Andres [Iniesta], they lived the worst moments of this club before we started winning and that’s a reminder to us.”

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