Carvajal: No serious injury

Dani Carvajal has revealed he didn’t suffer a serious injury in an innocuous incident that saw him stretchered off.

Carvajal went down in the final few minutes of Real Madrid’s 3-0 win over Levante on Sunday, turning and suddenly collapsing.

But speaking after the match the defender explained what happened and what the medical staff have had to say.

“It was an isolated incident. I felt a pull in my left leg. The doctor told me it would be best to leave the pitch,” Carvajal told reporters.

“I hope it’s nothing and I feel good about it. I want anyone who is worried to relax. In two or three days I’ll be fine.”

Carvajal added that while Madrid were up against a robust opposition, he never felt Los Blancos would fail to take the points.

“Levante play to their strengths, compact and counter-attacking. They played well and it needed a lot of effort to open the scoring.

“Given how much we attacked it was a matter of time before we got the goals. The result was fair and we’re happy.”

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