Zidane welcomes treble talk

Zinidine Zidane has made no effort to downplay talk of Real Madrid winning the treble this season, instead saying Los Blancos should be on that level.

Madrid’s assistant coach conducted an interview with El Confidencial and discussed the past, present and future.

“I don’t think you can compare the time when I was playing in Madrid to now,” Zidane said.

“Every era has it’s good and some things that are worse.

“Now we have a very young team but in my playing days, it was a more experienced team.”

Zidane continued by welcoming talk of Madrid winning the treble this season, arguing the club has to aim to win everything every year.

“Of course we should talk about the possibility of winning the treble,” Zidane said.

“When you play at Real Madrid you know what the objectives are and you always have to give your all to win.

“We’re in three competitions – the Cup final, top of the League and almost the quarter-finals of the Champions League.”

Zidane was asked about his future and confirmed he didn’t want to be an assistant forever.

“[Coaching] is what I want to do in the future. I’m learning from a good Coach.

“I knew [Carlo Ancelotti] already because he was my Coach and now what I’m doing is learning to do it myself one day.”

Zidane was also asked about one of Madrid’s players, Cristiano Ronaldo, who followed in the Frenchman’s footsteps by winning the Ballon d’Or.

“It was well deserved,” Zidane replied.

“I see it every day in training. Ronaldo is there before we start and will stay for two hours after training.

“He has no limit. Ronaldo wants more and more and more. He is a born competitor.”

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