Casillas: Bale can be Madrid legend

Iker Casillas believes Gareth Bale can become a legend at Real Madrid on par with the likes of Raul and Ronaldo.

Casillas has been quoted by the British Press as paying a lofty tribute to his Welsh colleague, claiming that if Bale helps Los Blancos win trophies, he will go down in history in exalted company.

“Legend is a word that can be over used. But Bale has proved already he has the talent to go on and become a legend at Real Madrid,” Casillas said, according to the Daily Mail.

“During my time here I have seen real legends like Raul, [Zinidine] Zidane, Ronaldo, and now Cristiano [Ronaldo].

“Gareth is not out of place in that company, not at all.

“He is a young guy and if he spends his best years here then he can join that group of names. He must play a big part in Madrid winning trophies and we believe this can be a successful season for us.”

Casillas added that there is no time like the present for Bale to start playing his part in Madrid’s success.

“La Liga and the Champions League are our two big targets – and if he helps the club win one of those he will already be on his way,” Casillas continued.

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