Pique: Not the same without Puyol

Gerard Pique has written an open letter to Carles Puyol in which he thanks the outgoing captain for his help at Barcelona.

Puyol announced on Tuesday that he was leaving Camp Nou at the end of the season and Pique took to the social media site to share his thoughts on the impending departure.

In a post on his Facebook page, Pique, who was present at the Press conference where Puyol made his decision public, revealed how much he will miss his centre-back partner and said there will never be another player like the skipper.

“I want you to know that I'll miss our dressing room chats, your advice, and above all, your jokes on the pitch,” Pique began.

“You're unique and irreplaceable. I laugh when people talk of signing 'a new Puyol'. They'll be looking for a while, because they'll never find one.

“The day has come. You're going. Even though it's the law of life, it's impossible for me to imagine myself at Barca without you.

“If I look back at [Champions League finals in] Paris or Rome, the first thing that comes into my head is you lifting the European Cup.

“In Wembley you gave the honour to [Eric Abidal], something which makes you even more of a great.

“My generation and those younger don't know a Barca without Puyi in the defence, with the armband and the number five on his back. I don't think anything will be the same.

“You were the skipper and emblem of the side and I was a youngster ready to be eaten up by the world.

“From the first day we got on swimmingly, both on and off the pitch.

“At your side I felt protected. I knew that if one day I messed up, you'd be there to save me.

“You're my guardian angel. Thanks for everything, Puyi.”

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