Ronaldo: Neymar is Messi’s helper

Ronaldo has accused Neymar of being ‘Messi’s helper’ at Barcelona this season, but believes the youngster can star at the World Cup.

The World Cup-winning forward is on the organising committee for the tournament in Brazil, and insists that the country will be ready to host the extravaganza.

“I am totally convinced that this will be the best World Cup finals of all time,” he told Radio Montecarlo.

“I am quite optimistic, above all because it’s my country. It’s an important event and we are all making a concerted effort so that it turns out well.

“It’s normal to have doubts in the month leading up to the tournament, look what happened with the Winter Olympics in Sochi – in the end, it was a fantastic, well-organized event.

“After the Confederations Cup, I’m feeling more optimistic about Brazil. We have a young team who have shown they have quality.

“Neymar will be the best Brazil player at the World Cup; he has already demonstrated his qualities. At the minute, he comes across as Messi’s helper at Barça but he’s our brightest hope for the future.

“If Brazil manage to reach the final with Neymar showing what he can do, he could be the big star at Brazil 2014.”

The ex-striker then remarked on his former teammate Zinedine Zidane possibly getting the France job.

“I think that Zidane is ready to become France’s Coach. I can’t see him remaining as the number two on the Real Madrid bench for much longer.

“With all of the football experience he has gained, he could coach any team. As we all know, many coaches move on after a World Cup, when their cycle is over.

“We’ll see what happens with Deschamps but if he does leave, it would be a great opportunity for Zidane.”

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