Bartomeu: Barca have done nothing wrong

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Economic Vice-President Xavier Faus insist the club have done nothing wrong regarding Neymar.

The Brazilian’s transfer has been the subject of a lawsuit through the Spanish High Court, but after the Blaugrana made a voluntary payment of €13.5m on Monday to the Inland Revenue, the two board members have claimed that the Catalan club acted legally in the transfer.

“The High Court had accepted a lawsuit for alleged fiscal fraud when the club is not presently being investigated by the tax authorities or has any case been opened,” Faus told a Press conference.

“We have consulted both offices and been told that this is the first time this has happened.”

Bartomeu meanwhile, said: “I would like to reiterate that our club has acted legally in the acquisition of Neymar. We contacted the best lawyers and tax specialists.

“Our debt with the Tax Office is zero, Barça do not owe anything. Our actions during each step of the procedure have been transparent.

“Our response today was simply to avoid future fines. We have deposited 13.5 million euros with the Inland Revenue. I repeat, Barça signed Neymar legally.”

The acting President was then asked to comment on member Jordi Cases, who filed the case against Barca: “If Jordi Cases hadn't presented a complaint, nothing would have happened, we wouldn't be here today.

“We have not been asked for any other contracts – just Neymar’s. We have explained the details of Neymar’s contract – the club members have nothing to worry about.

“The payment of 40 million euros is legal and transparent – it is not an unofficial payment nor was it made in black money.

“It was an official payment. Neymar’s father, N&N have declared the payment in Brazil and will pay any relevant taxes due if they have not done so already.

“If I am not mistaken the tax rate is 20 per cent. To avoid any misunderstandings or injustice, Barça have made a contribution as though that sum was income while Neymar’s father will pay as though it was compensation.

“We are only trying to avoid being taxed twice on the same business transaction and at some point the two tax authorities will have to reach some kind of agreement – either by returning the eight million euros to Neymar’s father in Brazil, or the Spanish tax agency giving us a 13 million euro rebate – but we’ll have to wait years for that to happen.”

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