Ancelotti: Casillas League return possible

Carlo Ancelotti is open to the idea of playing Iker Casillas more often in La Liga if Real Madrid reach the Champions League final.

Asked at a Press conference if Casillas would be given game time to ready him for the Champions League final, Ancelotti was reluctant to discuss a hypothetical.

It was put to him that there would be a month between the Copa del Rey final and the Champions League, which, by current standards, would see Casillas benched for the entire run of League fixtures.

Diego Lopez has been Ancelotti’s first choice for the League but Ancelotti didn’t rule out giving the gloves back to the captain.

“We’ll see. We can’t think now about the Champions League final,” Ancelotti said.

“If the wish comes true come and talk to me then. It could happen.”

Ancelotti also described his management style and revealed a little about his relationship with the players.

“I don’t like the Coach who says ‘you do this because I say so’,” Ancelotti added.

“I like the relationship to be at the same level, not above or below.

“My office is always open, although they only come in when there’s a problem.

“If I have to talk to a player, I do. Usually it’s if a player who usually plays isn’t going to.

“I’m not the kind to rule with an iron fist but we do have discipline, a code of respect to adhere to.”

Ancelotti was asked about his impressions of working at a club the size of Madrid, compared to his previous posts at Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Milan.

“Last year in Paris there was great pressure,” Ancelotti revealed.

“A club is not only under pressure from the Press. There is also pressure from the players who don’t play. That’s the worst.

“I think when you put on the shirt of Milan or Madrid you feel different. They are similar in that sense. In all the big clubs the pressure is the same.”

Ancelotti was asked about the situation with Isco, who has fallen out of favour after being a regular earlier in the season.

The Coach suggested the former Malaga player could play in a position other than his favoured behind the striker, but there hasn’t been time to work that way.

“He could play on the left of three midfielders, like in Milan.

“There I had Clarence Seedorf, an attacking midfielder who adapted further back, next to Gennaro Gatusso and Andrea Pirlo.

“I’ve not had time to try that here but it could be done.”

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