‘An unspeakable act of vandalism’

Villarreal President Fernando Roig has hit out at the individual who threw a gas canister onto the pitch against Celta Vigo.

The Yellow Submarine’s match with the Celestes had to be suspended for 20 minutes on Saturday when someone threw the object onto the playing surface, engulfing the stadium in smoke.

And the club’s chief has claimed that the police are looking into the matter.

“We believe it was someone not associated with the club who committed an unspeakable act of vandalism, an outrage,” he told AS.

“Someone threw it from one of the exits and ran out. The police are looking into it, looking at the security cameras.

“The individual planned to come and do damage to Villarreal.

“The evacuation was orderly and the game was able to finish, although there was no longer a match. This is not representative of our peaceful supporters.

“The canister is similar to those used by riot police, but the police say that it isn't one of theirs. You have to release a ring before throwing it.”

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