Rosell lawsuit still open

The Barcelona member who took action against Sandro Rosell has insisted that he won’t withdraw his lawsuit until the club agree not to sue him.

It had been claimed on Monday that Jordi Cases, who filed a lawsuit against the former President, alleged that there had been ‘misappropriation of funds’ in the Neymar transfer.

However, the Blaugrana supporter has revealed that he won’t be dropping the appeal until the Camp Nou outfit confirm that they won’t sue for damages.

“Barça were threatening that they were going to seek a lot of money in damages. I’m calm, but [Barça spokesperson Toni] Freixa has refused to give his agreement in writing, so we’re not withdrawing the lawsuit. We’re going to hit ‘stand-by’, remain passive and wait for movement from Barça,” he told reporters.

Cases’ lawyer, Felipe Izquierdo, denied that they had been responsible for the leaking of Neymar’s contract. According to Izquierdo, he travelled to Madrid to speak to the National High Court judge Pablo Ruz:

“He made me wait a long time before seeing me and after waiting and having already argued with his secretary, who is also a Real Madrid supporter, he told me to come in. He asked me if I was insinuating that the leaks about the story had come from this court. I told him I wasn’t.”

“It would be worse for Rosell if we were to keep on going. We don’t understand Barça’s change in strategy".

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