Racing Santander to boycott Copa?

The Racing Santander players have confirmed that they will boycott their Copa del Rey game with Real Sociedad unless the board resigns.

Captain Mario Fernandez announced the decision in a statement at the training ground, calling for President Angel Lavin to step down before Thursday’s game, or the squad will not take to the pitch.

“If the board does not resign in the next few hours, the squad here announces its irrevocable refusal to compete in our next game in the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey,” he told the gathering media.

“We want to make the club’s members, season ticket holders, fans and the general public aware of our situation.

“The players have not been paid for a number of months, despite several promises from the President that we would be paid”.

“The lack of payment and the broken promises has caused a difficult financial situation for a number of players”, which has in turn caused “requests for contract resolutions.

“The lack of adequate response from the board of directors, the ever worsening financial situation in which we find ourselves and the news that has appeared in the media in the last few days has driven the squad towards taking the unanimous situation to call for the immediate resignation of the president and the rest of the board of directors.”

Lavin was attacked by fans during the first leg of the Copa match against the Erreala, with supporters angry at his handling of the club.