‘Cases surprised by Rosell resignation’

The lawyer for Jordi Cases has said his client is surprised by the resignation of Sandro Rosell as Barcelona President.

Mundo Deportivo reports Felipe Izquierdo as speaking on Spanish television in the aftermath of Rosell’s departure and revealing his client did not expect Rosell to step down.

Cases has alleged that the full amount paid to Santos to sign Neymar has not been revealed and that Rosell or others may have profited personally from the deal.

Rosell was called to testify in the case by the Spanish high court and announced his resignation on Thursday evening. Vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu is to see out Rosell’s term, which lasts until 2016.

Izquierdo went so far as to suggest the legal action was unrelated to Rosell’s decision to stand down.

“The lawsuit has nothing to do with the resignation of Sandro Rosell,” Izquierdo said.

“Jordi Cases was very surprised by the resignation.

“[Rosell’s resignation] would not stop the process at this point. Someone could exploit the situation to harm Barca and he does not want that.”

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