Rosell called before High Court

High Court judge Pablo Ruz has accepted a lawsuit that alleges Barcelona President Sandro Rosell misappropriated funds from the Neymar deal.

Blaugrana member Jordi Cases claims that the Camp Nou outfit’s chief personally gained from the move that saw Neymar join the club from Santos in the summer.

And the judge has accepted the lawsuit and will now determine whether ‘contractual simulation’ took place.

Explaining his decision to open proceedings against Rosell, Ruz clarified that the documentation provided by the plaintiffs offered ‘sufficient basis to investigate the facts’.

He has also asked FIFA to submit documentation kept in its records relating to Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona.

Ruz has also asked that the Brazilian forward  hand over the contract signed with the company Neymar & Neymar (N&N), managed by his father, through which he ceded his future economic rights, and has dispatched a rogatory letter to Brazil for the player’s employment and transfer contracts to be submitted.

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