‘Celta will not defend in Madrid’

Celta Vigo boss Luis Enrique says his team will not be going out solely to defend when the Galicians face Real Madrid on Monday night.

The former Barcelona B and Roma boss is aware his team face a tremendously difficult task at the Santiago Bernabeu, yet insists it would be ‘ridiculous’ to try and keep the scoreline to 0-0.

“Our intention is not to defend a 0-0 because that would be ridiculous. We must try and make life difficult for our opponents as much as possible, and to do that we have to defend well and attack very well,” he told a Press conference.

“If you told me what I need to do to pick up a point at any cost then I’d do it. I have an idea of playing football where we work to harm the opposition with the ball, and I still have faith in that.

“However, against teams of this quality it’s clear you need to change things. If someone guaranteed me that we’d win by playing 10 defenders I’d take it, but that’s impossible.”

Enrique maintained his side will be up against one of the most powerful teams in La Liga, but is hoping his players can rise to the occasion.

“If any of us thinks we have no chance of causing them problems then we might as well forget it and go home.

“Hopefully we can play at our highest level and remain competitive throughout. It’s no use just doing it for 20 minutes and we have to be good both defensively and in attack.

“It will be a game where we will have less of the ball than Madrid and we must be consistent at the back and hope they do not have a good day.

“To get anything from this type of team you need them to have a bad day,” he contended.

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