Perez: Cristiano is the greatest

Florentino Perez has eulogised in support of Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that he is recognised not just by Real Madrid as ‘one of the greatest’.

The Portuguese has enjoyed a strong first half to the 2013-14 season and is seen as favourite to win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or come January.

For his club President, there is no-one better in the game right now.

“Cristiano belongs to the lineage of timeless players capable of marking an era,” Perez has commented in El Pais Semanal this week.

“His competitive nature fits perfectly with the genetics of Real Madrid, for his insatiable hunger for victory.

“For him, nothing is enough. His voracity does not allow for time or comfort, or discouragement, and every game is a new challenge that requires the highest delivery.

“He has courage to be direct with the ball anywhere on the field against any player, whilst he knows that he will be hit by the defence in trying to stop his attacks.

“He is unconventional and highly demanding of himself, always looking for perfection because only then can he face what is seemingly impossible for most.

“Cristiano is a dream for Real Madrid and he has managed to seduce the Bernabeu, which recognises him as their own, with passion and inspiration.

“But, his powers go beyond Madrid fans, as fans across the world point to him as one of the greatest. For me, he is the greatest.”

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