Rufete: Valencia has Pizzi agreement

Rufete has confirmed that Valencia have an agreement in place with Juan Antonio Pizzi, as Roberto Ayala is presented to the media.

Since sacking Miroslav Djukic, Los Che have been strongly linked with a move for San Lorenzo’s Pizzi, with the former striker having reportedly initiated talks to exit from the last year of his contract with the Argentine club.

Whilst those talks continue, Valencia’s recently-appointed general manager has confirmed that an agreement for his arrival at Mestalla is already in place.

“Juan Antonio is close to leaving San Lorenzo, whilst with us it is clear,” Rufete told reporters at a Press conference this week.

“He has just become a champion, he’s young and wants to fight and because of the project, Valencia needs people who will fight, because the club needs that.”

Rufete was talking at Roberto Ayala’s presentation. The former centre-back returns to Valencia as technical secretary with an emphasis on working in the Argentine market.

“There are still a few things but we are optimistic and it will work out alright. Until it is fully close I do not want to go into any detail,” commented Ayala on talks with Pizzi, which he is believed to have played his part in.

The 40-year-old also took questions on his arrival, including the possibility of immediately having a budget of €30m to €40m to play with in January, should Peter Lim’s prospective takeover of the club go through.

“Today we work with the reality that we have and we shall see, because our duty is always to say ahead of everything and to get the job done. If we make a decision then it is with the conviction of having studied and worked.

“I had no doubt [about accepting the role], I’m just super grateful that I have joined the project, much more for now having felt it, going to Paterna, meeting people, talking, seeing what is being done.

“I see the club as changing much and they will continue to do so. Hopefully we can do a good job. Ours is to say little and do much.

“The protagonists are the players and we will give them the best because they are the ones that make us better or worse.”

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