Jorge Messi: Leo is staying at Barca

Lionel Messi’s father Jorge has insisted that his son will not be leaving Barcelona, claiming that the forward is happy at Camp Nou.

The Argentina international was engaged in a war of words with Vice-President Javier Faus last week, after the board member revealed that the club didn’t need to give the goalscorer a pay rise.

“I think that we need to close this chapter right now,” Jorge Messi told Diario Ole.

“The Press shouldn't see anything else other than a direct response from Leo to Señor Faus' comments.

“What's done is done. We need to look forward, not backwards. When Leo says something it always creates a lot of headlines.

“We don't want him to generate any conflict with Barcelona or the President, and least of all the Barcelona fans, to whom Leo, as a club professional, owes everything.

Leo was brought up by the club and he loves the club. His commitment towards Barcelona and the fans goes further than what anyone could think.

“No-one can deny that Leo is at Barcelona because of the love and feelings he has for that club.”

Messi senior also responded to rumours that there is conflict inside Barcelona between the player and the board.

“Not at all. In the last few months President Rosell has offered us his constant and total support, and we are grateful to him for what he has done, and given the significance that Barcelona has, we could need that at any time.

“This support is a demonstration of the feeling the club has for Leo. The club's objectives are our objectives, which are to win as many trophies as possible for the club we all represent.”

Asked if a potential new contract had anything to do with his remarks, Jorge insisted: “Absolutely not, a new or improved contract has nothing to do with this.

“We are not trying to create any tension over this issue. If the club calls us, we will sit down with the directors.

“And with regards to Leo's future at Barcelona, the Barcelona fans should know that his future is tied to the future of this club.”

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