Valdes: Future is undecided

Victor Valdes has affirmed that he is recovered from injury and commented that his future away from Barcelona is yet to be decided.

The 31-year-old is leaving the Catalans at the end of the season, when his contract expires, and he has been heavily linked with a move to Monaco, whilst teams in the Premier League are also suggested as interested parties.

“My future is undecided, there are things on the table. Wherever I go, it is to be decided,” Valdes has commented to reporters today, though.

“You have to consider many things, the players, the moment in the competition… What is more important to me is that I will respect Barcelona and everything around us until the end, I will not make anything public that may be negative for a competitive moment.

“Most important is that the team wins. At the club these past few months there has been a willingness to help between all and I have no issues.

“My hope is that the club find the best goalkeeper, it would make me very happy if it is a goalkeeper from this club, just as once they gave me the opportunity. What Barca does I will always respect.”

Valdes has been out of action since mid-November with a torn calf injury.

“I had never been injured before and, touch wood, I hope that this is the last time.

“Everything has gone faster than expected and by the evidence and the feelings, I am recovered and am looking forward to being able to play.

“I will be available for Elche [on January 5] if the Coach so desires.”

The goalkeeper was asked for his view on reports to have emerged through the Spanish Press alleging that Lionel Messi’s father may be under investigation for involvement in laundering funds from drug traffickers.

“From the outside there has been a machine that has been set to nullify Barcelona, whilst the Ministry and Civil Guard have both denied the reports.

“The executives, fans and players are all pulling in the same direction, what is being said is not something that I give value to. I do not believe everything that is being said.

“This is not something new, as it happened with the issue of doping and we went through 50,000 anti-doping measures.

“We must be strong as a team. From the outside I have had time to look at things and there is a negative machinery that I do not quite understand.

“The club and environment are first to be surprised at these negative stories arising around us.”

Valdes was also asked for his view on continued debate around Barcelona’s playing style and if the side has regressed.

“Now that I have had time and I have read what has been said. I called a friend who lives in Maui and for a month had seen no Press on Barcelona and he asked me ‘what has happened, you are sunk’.

“It just seems that Barca have disappeared off the map. That sums up what is being discussed, it really isn’t what it is. Barca are in a privileged position, although it is true that some aspects have changed in our football and philosophy.”

Lionel Messi today hit out at Javier Faus over his comments regarding the player’s possible contract renewal.

“I do not like to get into discussions between two parties, but I like to defend those close to me and those of this club and Leo is alongside me and I am in the middle. We are all pulling in the same direction.”

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