‘Real must be better in first half’

Jagoba Arrasate has warned Real Sociedad to improve their first-half performances if they are to take anything away from Granada on Saturday.

La Real travel to Andalucia for Week 17’s League meeting with their Coach having recently been critical of first-45 performances against Real Betis and Algeciras.

“It has been an historic year and we want to put the icing on it and finish with a good feeling,” mused Arrasate today to reporters.

“But if we only play a good second half as we have in our last two games, it will be very difficult to get something out of Granada.

“They are a good team, with 20 points and whilst they face us having just been knocked out of the Cup, that was with just the one regular in their team.

“They have fast transitions and are a good defensive team, so we have to do much more. They are a balanced team.

“We were fortunate for the break against Real Betis last weekend, in which we fixed things, but if tomorrow at Granada we do not do things correctly in the first half, we will not have the chance to win.”

Real Sociedad are expected to move in the January transfer window for some midfield cover for the absent Esteban Granero.

“We shall see how the injured players are, how they evolve, we have the advantage that the window closes late”

Arrasate was asked how his first few months at senior level have been.

“I have not stopped to think about how everything is going with me, because everything went so far, I have had no time, but I am happy going day by day, and from there if people are happy with me, even better.”

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