Messi: Faus knows nothing…

Lionel Messi ‘deeply regrets’ recent allegations against his father and has hit out at Javier Faus for wanting to run Barcelona ‘like a business’.

Vice-President Faus last week drew attention to the Argentine forward in stating on radio that ‘there is no reason’ to hand the player a new contract, in response to continued reports since the summer that provisional talks on a renewal were on track.

“Mr Faus is a person who knows nothing about football and wants to run Barcelona as a business, which it is not,” Messi has today responded, talking to Rac1 from Argentina, where he is currently recovering from injury.

“Barcelona is the best club in the world and should be led by the best directors in the world. Neither I nor anyone around me has asked for an improved contract.”

The 26-year-old has also seen reports this week embroil his father Jorge in particular in allegations of using such events as the Messi and Friends summer friendlies to launder money from drug trafficking.

“The truth is that I am focused on my recovery and I am not thinking about anything else. I am trying to reach the maximum physical level possible and to not read anything directly.

“My family has told me something. I deeply regret what is being said about my father and my friends because what we do in these games is one hundred per cent to charity.

“Have I sacrificed my father as a scapegoat? That is funny because I am deeply attached to my father personally and professionally. He also wants to be President of my company and the foundation.

“He takes care of the off-the-field aspects and I play football, and he wants to take care of everything.”

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