‘Sevilla took it seriously’

Paco Fernandez celebrated Racing Santander’s Cup win at Sevilla and reflected on its value due to the hosts’ attempts to win through.

Sevilla were felled 2-0 at home on Wednesday evening for a 2-1 aggregate defeat by their Segunda B opponents in the Copa del Rey Round of 32.

“This is a very happy day,” Paco mused to reporters after the match.

“The Cup is a special competition and I would like that our effort is not otherwise measured, because I do not think that Sevilla have not taken this seriously.

“For any team this is a gain in confidence and we are very happy to have won. To see the fans embrace us afterwards, it is very enjoyable.”

Next in the competition is Almeria.

“They are an important team, but this is not like a journey. We have already struck a major blow here and against Almeria we will be the same or better.”

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