‘Djukic? Nothing had changed’

Amadeo Salvo has looked to explain how he went from backing Miroslav Djukic for the entire season to removing him from his post on Monday afternoon.

The Valencia President announced in a Press conference yesterday evening alongside general manager Rufete and Coach Djukic the latter’s dismissal, after a miserable start to the season.

However, the move followed on from an early-season message from Salvo that the 47-year-old would remain in his role for the entire season, no matter what.

At the Press conference, the President was grilled further on having gone back on that word.

“Nothing has changed. These are decisions that are made. It was a difficult, difficult decision,” Salvo responded.

“Djukic has been one of the Coaches that in recent years had generated a consensus when he arrived. It was a difficult situation. But many factors have led to this decision, between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“Yes, I said [he would stay for the season] on Canal Plus and also somewhere else. He would continue. But when you say such sweeping statement you have to look at what is happening on that day.

“Perhaps it was a miscalculation to have so strongly said that and I take responsibility. I cannot change what I said, and yes I reaffirm that when I said it I was convinced.

“For Valencia the decision was tough. For our profile you have to succeed. You have to know what has happened.”

Salvo was also asked about Valencia’s ownership situation, with Bankia looking to bring in new majority shareholders to take over from Fundacio VCF, who have defaulted on loan repayments.

“To my knowledge, there is no sold sign. Again, I repeat that. Nobody has put the club up for sale. Bankia cannot sell the club because it is not their business. I do not expect anything because there is no sale. There are 45,000 owners of Valencia and 70.4 per cent shares sold.”

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