‘La Real used the half-time break’

Jagoba Arrasate said that Real Sociedad made the most of the half-time break on Sunday to correct themselves against Real Betis.

La Real were level 1-1 with Juan Carlos Garrido’s side after a first 45 at Anoeta on Sunday afternoon, before a second half surge saw them finish the match 5-1 ahead.

“Overall we have been good, but there have been moments,” reflected Arrasate afterwards.

“We started well but then could have got into trouble with some mismatches before the break, and it could have proven costly.

“Luckily, we have taken advantage of the break and had time to talk and correct our imbalances. In the second half, I believe we have been better and dominated the game.

“Why was there such a difference between the first and second halves? Because we corrected the imbalances between attack and defence. We have been more aggressive and have finalised moves without giving them an option.

“I am very happy with the result, more than the mistakes from the first half.

“We are happy to have 26 points at this stage, because it has made us strong in sixth place. We do not give up anything and are strengthen our position for the European places.”

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