‘Over €600m for new Camp Nou’

Economic Vice-President Javier Faus says Barcelona face an investment of more than either €300m or €600m depending on the fate of the Camp Nou.

Club spokesman Toni Freixa has explained that the Barca board will vote in January to determine a course of action over the stadium, and whether to renovate the current ground or to build a new one elsewhere.

“First we have to decide whether the two options – remodelling or a new stadium – are feasible and if so, the question will be very easy – A, B or C [leave it as it is],” Faus began today on RAC 1.

“We have to make the decision very carefully. We will present projects that are economically viable. We are not entitled to submit a project that is not economically viable.

“The cost of renovation will be in excess of €300m. A new stadium would cost more than €600m.

“Those were the figures mentioned during the 2010 election and we believe costs will be greater now.

“We will not alone take this decision, the club’s socios [members] will.

“During the three years that remodelling would need, the club would still play at the Camp Nou.”

Faus also revealed that aspects such as naming rights on a potential new stadium would be considered, with a possible projected revenue of €250m spread across a 25-year contract in mind.

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