‘No reason to improve Messi deal’

Javier Faus has mused that there is ‘no reason’ to improve Lionel Messi’s contract at Barcelona ‘every six months’ and affirmed that he will not be sold.

The Argentine has seen speculation since the summer in parts of the media link him with a possible exit from the Catalans, whilst other reports have suggested possible contract renegotiations are forthcoming.

However, for the club’s economic Vice-President, neither possibility is on the agenda.

“I see no reason to improve the contract again of a player who six months ago just had it improved,” Faus has commented today on RAC 1.

“In any case, it is a task for the sporting side of the club, for Bartomeu, Zubizarreta and Rosell.

“While Sandro Rosell is President at the club, there is zero chance of selling him.”

Speculation continues to surround the specifics to Neymar’s particular contract with the Catalans.

“There is the usual confidentiality clause. Guardiola also had this in his contract and so too have other players.”

Neymar’s €57m transfer in the summer has seen President Sandro Rosell accused of misappropriating €40m in the deal.

“This complaint from a member is untimely. We have nothing to hide from the tax authorities. That €40m was paid as part of the transfer, not as salary and I guess taxed in Brazil.”

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