‘La Real obligated to progress’

Jagoba Arrasate admits that whilst Real Sociedad may not value the Copa del Rey as a priority, they are ‘obligated to eliminate Algeciras’.

La Real travel out to Andalusia tomorrow evening for the first leg of their Round of 32 clash with the Segunda B side with their Coach aware of where expectation is.

“It is our duty, they are a team in the Segunda B and what we cannot do is give them a chance and allow them to grow, and then have to face up to all their hopes, because for them it is a very special game,” Arrasate has commented today.

“There is no pressure on us. It is true that we have had trouble in recent years in the competition, but there is no more pressure, it is ambition, and this is what we take to Algeciras.

“We do look at the Cup in a different way, but I do not think that applies only to La Real. We need to think only about Algeciras.

“I do not mean that we will have a long run in the Cup, but we are obligated to eliminate Algeciras, with all the respect, and we are just thinking about that.

“Our knowledge of our opponent? We know the opponent, we have watched them live, we have an idea of how they play, whilst we respect them, but we have to focus on ourselves, because if we are right, it will be difficult for us to be surprised.

“It is not more difficult to motivate the players, but the motivation will be key tomorrow, because if we are motivated, we can do much. If we set out otherwise, we can go very wrong.”

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