Blatter: Brazil will be ready

Sepp Blatter has reiterated his faith in Brazil and in the 2014 World Cup’s organisers to have everything ready by next summer.

The country is behind schedule in construction on a number of its 12 stadiums being built for next year’s finals.

A collapsed crane at the Sao Paulo stadium last week killed two workmen and has put back completion on that ground, and FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke has confirmed that at least three of the grounds will not meet an initial completion deadline of the end of this year.

However, FIFA’s President has reflected, at the announcement of how the 32 competing nations will be divided into pots for Friday’s group stage draw, that the tournament will be a success.

“We know that there is and we have just received the report there are some small delays in construction of stadia,” responded Blatter to reporters.

“But they are so small that with one exception we can just close our eyes and say everything will be ready.

“It is a question of trust and confidence when we go into an event like a FIFA World Cup.

“Here again I have to express our trust and confidence in the organisation here, in the state, central government and the different cities and the reports we have listened to today give us the security that we will go forward to a very positive one.

“But there is one sad fact and we deplore the loss of the two people who lost their lives last week and we are feeling sad with the families, but the stadium will be ready for the opening match.”

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