Albelda questions Valencia methods

Former Valencia captain David Albelda has suggested the club are ‘invading the territory of the Coach’ with Rufete’s appointment and actions so far.

President Amadeo Salvo has brought in Rufete as general manager to oversee a directional change behind the scenes at Mestalla.

Looking to bring in new systems of management ‘to help the players’, such as recording training sessions, the former winger’s arrival has led to speculation that Miroslav Djukic may out of a job very soon.

For the club’s former midfielder, who retired in the summer after almost two decades with Los Che, they are doing things wrong.

“The feeling is that they have made a clear statement to the players by going over the Coach,” Albelda has told Cadena Cope this week.

“In the end they are just signs that, although they really want to help, they should not do it so publicly, because from the outside it is like they are taking away from the Coach.

“As a fan I do not like it. The feeling is that they are invading the territory of the Coach.” 

The 36-year-old reflected on what Rufete is being seen to bring in.

“From what they are saying, I have experienced those years as a player and we had everything. A man named Fernando Valls was responsible for helping the families from the first day to the last.

“They are not saying anything new. The approach of using video analysis, before we had people with video record the opponents and give us individual information and aggregate information.

“When I hear what they are saying now, they are not talking about anything new.

“If this is what Amadeo Salvo really wanted, why did he not appoint Rufete to that position during the summer instead of now? They are wasting time.”

The situation since Rufete’s arrival has forced Djukic to come out and clarify his position.

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