Ancelotti: Ronaldo isn’t selfish

Carlo Ancelotti has reflected on how he sees Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale developing a ‘good combination’, as he takes responsibility for Mesut Ozil’s sale.

Ronaldo and Bale have shown in early work together an understanding, assisting each other for goals in the opening months of the season together, following Bale’s world record transfer from Tottenham Hotspur.

Considering this, their Coach has mused that it is proof that for his individual contribution, Ronaldo is not a selfish player at Madrid.

“Ronaldo’s a team player, not a selfish player. Before Gareth Bale came, people thought they’d have problems playing together, but there’s no problem,” considered Ancelotti to The Times this week.

“They pass the ball to each other and have a good combination. Everyone is surprised at how well he’s played this season.

“I’ve seen Ronaldo play a lot of times, of course, but when you’re up close every day his technical skills are unbelievable.

“He’s the best I’ve ever seen. He’s scored in every game in this period — 25 goals in 18 games — and he can score more.

“Bale has settled in very well, and we’re all very happy. To get used to a new country and culture is not easy. He had problems when he came because he did not have a pre-season and was not in condition.”

The Italian also mused on the Premier League and joked about Mesut Ozil’s sale to Arsenal.

“There's a lot of balance in the Premier League now, but in my opinion Manchester City have the best squad.

“Arsenal are doing well, but we helped them of course. Arsene Wenger has to buy us dinner, as we gave them Ozil!

“It was my decision. When we bought Gareth Bale it was difficult to find space for him, and he needs to play.”

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