‘Semi-finals for some isn’t enough’

Real Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti has mused on how at ‘some clubs’, reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League isn’t enough.

Los Blancos’ previous three seasons under Jose Mourinho saw them eliminated at the last four of the competition on each occasion.

“The club hasn’t spoken about what happened last year with Mourinho, and I haven’t asked,” Ancelotti mused in an interview with The Times.

“To reach the semi-finals of the Champions League is not bad. It’s not good enough for some clubs, but it's not bad.

“La Decima is not an obsession, but it's a motivation. For the club it's very important. The last time Real Madrid played in the final was 2002. For a club like Real Madrid this is not good.”

The Italian was asked of the demands he is looking to meet with Madrid.

“The supporters here don't just look to win, they look at how you play. At Real Madrid you have to win with style.

“For example, Fabio Capello was sacked after winning the League. Chelsea were a more physical team, but here the technical skills of the players are the best.”

The Times also asked of Paul Clement’s work as assistant. The Englishman has worked closely with Ancelotti since his time at Chelsea.

“He is the best assistant I have ever had. He prepares training brilliantly and handles workouts with precision. He has all the quality and experience to be a head Coach and I know one day I will have to say goodbye to him for that.

“It may be the day I retire or take a break. But I have spoken to Paul’s Spanish teacher and he has told me that Paul needs 10 years in which to learn the language. So we are stuck with each other…”

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