‘We can have 20 or three nice touches’

Tata Martino has once more defended his playing style with Barcelona, musing that his more direct approach can be equally as appealing.

The Argentine has yet to lose with the Catalans and extended that run on Saturday evening with a 4-0 win over Granada.

However, focus post-match was once more on the more direct style of play.

“Barcelona has a commitment to aesthetics and has to bear that weight in every game,” Martino mused after today’s win.

“We are aware, because in addition to winning, which is most important, we are committed to the spectacle and how we set up.

“I have seen a good Barcelona, but perhaps how I look at beautiful football is different to you. I believe that you can have 20 pretty touches or you can have three.

“We continue to work to make the public happy and I think that they are enjoying themselves more from what you tell me in the Press room.

“The pressure from the team? Granada were trying to play and if we had not pushed or pressed then we would have suffered more.

“There was a moment of pause when we did not pressurise well either side of Busquets. We changed the format of the midfield three, we went from one pivot and two interiors to two pivots and two interiors, and so improved.

Barca have suffered with a number of injuries in recent weeks.

“Those missing are very strong, but those who played are very good too. So I do not consider this game as special. At least half trained with us during the week and there was no reason not to play a good game.

“What we have to do is solve problems, not complain. And again, the injured are in a climate of trust. With the Barcelona squad that we have, I will never make excuses.”

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