Francisco: Madrid now more balanced

Almeria boss Francisco considers Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti currently has the most balanced team the club has had in years.

On Saturday night, Francisco faces Los Blancos for the first time as a Head Coach and has had two weeks to prepare for the clash following the international break.

Despite the praise, La Liga’s youngest tactician does not dismiss his side’s chances of pulling off a shock result at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterraneos.

“We won’t give up on getting something from this game. We want our fans to enjoy the occasion and the way to do that is if we play well.

“It’s a special game for any team but it doesn’t alter the fact there are still three points available,” he told a Press conference.

“Without doubt this is Madrid’s most balanced team of the last few years. In addition, they have players like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in great form, and have also strengthened by bringing in other great players like Gareth Bale.

“Obviously, they will make things very difficult for us but we are not going to write off our chances,” declared Francisco, who admitted he has made special plans for the encounter.

“We’ve tried things in the week and maybe when they have the ball we’ll try to get more men back and defend with five, then when we attack we’ll leave four in defence.

“What we must be is organised when we don’t have the ball. When we do have it we need to be aggressive and try to create chances,” he explained.

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