Luis Figo ‘not a yes man’

Luis Figo has lifted the lid on why his relationship with President Florentino Perez at Real Madrid deteriorated.

The Portuguese legend controversially joined Los Blancos from Barcelona for €60m in July 2000 and spent five years at the Santiago Bernabeu, before a move to Italy with Inter in 2005.

However, speaking on the El Larguero programme Figo said that by the time of his departure his working relationship with Perez had gone steadily downhill.

“I am not a yes man. I do not say yes to everything. I have a personality and when a person with personality says things that somebody else does not like to hear, then a relationship deteriorates,” explained Figo.

The 41-year-old hopes one day to return to Madrid, but recognises that at the moment that would prove somewhat difficult after what happened in the past.

“Going to Madrid was the right decision and I remain a Madrid fan. I risked a lot, more than Florentino, because I was playing for my career in going there and I don’t think he risked as much.

“I’m certain it was Florentino who made me sit on the bench. He told me it wasn’t but I’m not so sure.

“I say what I think, which is the most honest way to be, and I’ve always been like that. I didn’t sign my contract to applaud him,” revealed Figo, before turning his attention to the Ballon d’Or.

“If it is awarded for quality then I’d give it to Cristiano Ronaldo, but if it’s titles won then Franck Ribery would get it. A lot depends on individual opinion and the parameters of the voting.

“In my day there were 15 or 20 players who could have won it, whereas at the moment there are only two or three.”

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