Casillas: I’ve voted for Cristiano

Iker Casillas says that he has voted for Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Ballon d’Or, whilst he once more comments on his situation at Real Madrid.

The Portuguese forward is seen as one of the favourites to win the 2013 edition of the FIFA Ballon d’Or and can count on his club captain’s vote.

“I voted before the deadline was extended, in Guinea, and I voted in first place for Cristiano,” revealed Casillas at a promotional event today.

“The rest will be released soon I imagine. Cristiano has had a spectacular year, he deserves it. I would be surprised if they do not give it to him.

“The way people vote, some look at the way you play, others at titles. But someone who has scored over 90 goals in 80 games, that’s outrageous.”

Casillas took questions from the media today and inevitably faced a few on his future with Los Blancos, with the World Cup on the horizon and his situation behind Diego Lopez in the team looking unlikely to change.

“I do not think about the World Cup, I think about doing everything right and doing everything possible, to be available to the Coach, to work.

“The national team stage is finished and now we are back thinking about our clubs. If I do things right, I will be in the Coach’s consideration.

“I strive to be a starter at Madrid, not a back-up. I have to fight to be in every game and then it is up to the Coach. I have to train and fight for the job.

“My future? Today I am happy, I want to continue. But if I am not playing then I am sad. All I want is to help us to achieve the most titles possible and to continue being available to the Coach.”

The issues with Casillas seemingly began just under a year ago, when he was dropped in December by Jose Mourinho for a League match.

“For me it was a pleasure working with him, it was a very good stage, we had good results in the three years, one Copa del Rey, a League we conquered well…

“I’ll stick with the good stuff, I won’t repeat every day the same thing. I have no problem with Mourinho.

“He told us things to our face, he did not hide anything. For my part there is no problem. I have not taken any public stance against Mourinho.”

Casillas was asked of the speculation that South Africa will miss out on ranking points otherwise earned for beating Spain in midweek due to La Roja being permitted a seventh substitution in the game, against regulations.

“It was not a game in which either side were playing for their lives. I understand that for South Africa to play Spain it is exciting.

“If they say at FIFA that they cannot pick up the ranking points then the responsibility is not ours, but the person who authorised that change.”

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