Diego Lopez on Ronaldo & Casillas

Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez has praised his team’s ‘amazing attacking potential’ after their win over Real Sociedad.

Los Blancos beat La Real 5-1 on Saturday, and the shot-stopper was especially impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo after his hat-trick.

“There were 45 minutes in particular that were very good, where the team once again proved that it has tremendous potential in attack,” he told the club’s official website.

“Our rival applied more pressure in the second half but it was a very controlled match.  We knew that adopting Acelotti's ideas was only going to be a question of time.

“Assimilating new concepts requires time, patience and work, and that's what the team has been focused on. Little by little we're seeing the team that the boss wants and today, especially in the first half, we've taken another step towards what he's after.

“Cristiano is incredible. Today we saw, once again, what a unique player he is.

“We're very lucky to have him here. He makes the difference everyday.”

Lopez then commented on his relationship with Iker Casillas and the current goalkeeping situation at Santiago Bernabeu.

“I'm removed from this kind of talk, although it might seem impossible. I dedicate myself to my work and to fighting for a position in the line-up. It's only logical that I'm not going to make it easier. I'm going to struggle to continue being the opening goalkeeper in La Liga.

“I'll support my teammate when the manager decides that he's going to play. We all want to win the three titles. There's nothing else to think about. I've known Iker since I was 18, for about 14 years, and I've always had a good relationship with him.

“Competition is the best thing for a team and in this team there's competition over all the positions. It's wonderful to compete in this team with a keeper like Iker. We're both after the spot and we both give everything we have to play.

“It's the best moment of my career and I had never before brought out the potential that I have now. I was playing very well at Villarreal, but in this team I'm improving every day. I've found it really difficult at times but now I'm showing self-possession.

“It's the Coach that decides the rotation. He decides and we have to try to do our best with it. I feel confident and I also get confidence from my teammates and the fans. The most important thing is to be ready every day and train your hardest. It's a very tough competition for both of us and an advantage for the team.”

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