Messi: I’m happy with form

Lionel Messi has considered his continued recovery to full fitness and what went through his mind in taking a penalty against Christian Abbiati.

The Argentine broke a three-game goalless streak with a double for the Catalans in their 3-1 win over Milan in the Champions League group stage on Wednesday night.

“I'm calm about the recuperation from injury,” considered Messi post-match to UEFA’s official website.

“I'm getting my rhythm back bit by bit and I think it really helps to have 90 minutes, then another 90 minutes, back to back so that I can gradually re-establish the tempo and the form I had before the injury.

“It just helps physically. This time there have been two injuries really close together and that kind of impact you do notice. But I'm definitely getting past it and I'm happy with my form.”

Barca opened the scoring in the first half thanks to Messi’s penalty, hit straight down the middle.

“Taking a penalty depends on the moment, not pre–planning – especially in this case. Abbiati's a guy I've taken quite a few penalties against and I did have several doubts flitting through my mind about what was best to do.

“Also, he's a huge guy and that affects your thinking. He's good if you put it high or low because he's not only big but he's quick to get down to the corner of his goal too.

“In the end I put it down the middle and it went in. That's that.

“Right from the start I thought we played well – we were the main protagonists, pretty much as we normally are.

“The fact that we conceded just before the break did make things just a touch more complicated but from that point onwards we were the superior side.”

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