‘Diego Costa only good for Spain’

Vicente del Bosque has commented that Diego Costa can only add to Spain’s options in attack, after naming him in his latest squad.

The Atletico Madrid man recently made official his commitment to try and represent La Roja, after turning down his country of birth Brazil’s advances.

On from that and continued form in La Liga and the Champions League, the 25-year-old has made Del Bosque’s squad for friendlies this month with Equatorial Guinea and South Africa, much to the Coach’s enthusiasm.

“Each player is different and I have called those who are complementary. Diego Costa meets all the requirements,” considered Del Bosque to reporters today.

“He’s playing very well and is in a good moment. We have seen fit to include him because he is an option. He can only add to this team.

“We asked about his situation. We saw that we could play him and built on that following a logical process. It all started in September. He meets all the requirements.

“We met him personally and he gave us a tremendous feelings. His credit is not unlimited. From here to the World Cup there is a long time.

“In March we play against Italy and we’ll see what happens. He is in the same situation as the other players.

“Our style with Diego Costa in the team? We have smart players and they are able to adapt to the characteristics of the new players.

“The adaptation will be good. Nobody is harmful for this team. A player like him, fighting with his energy and quality with and without the ball, why would that be negative for our game?

“We have midfielders who understand the game very well and Diego Costa will present many options. I am sure he can play with Villa. They already do on their team.”

Brazil have made clear their dissatisfaction with the player and the Spanish Football Federation.

“We have acted with discretion that characterises us and without subtracting information. We have gone about this naturally. We have been calm.

“It was a matter of rules and Diego Costa complied with them. And then he has been the one to show us that he wants to play for Spain.

“The atmosphere at the World Cup in Brazil? I do not care. What concerns me is that we prepare well. The environment may be against us, but hopefully we will be able to get to the final, We go there as a visiting team and there will be no problems.”

Iker Casillas is still in the squad, whilst Xabi Alonso is back after injury.

“Alonso’s return is good news for everyone. He has not played much and is in recovery. Now we face 180 minutes in which we will carefully allow him to readjust.

“The least who has played is Alonso, not Casillas. We have three goalkeepers who are in shape, playing with proven effectiveness.

“We count on them to make the saves and we have confidence in them.”

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