Neymar asks fans for space

Barcelona forward Neymar has called on the more obsessive of his supporters to stop harassing him, his friends and his family and to ‘change their behaviour’.

The Brazilian youngster has a strong following with his fans coined ‘Neymarzetes’, but has taken to posting a note this week requesting that the more avid followers back off.

“I have a huge affection for the Neymarzetes. I do not know if I would be where I am today without them,” Neymar wrote in a message released through his official Instagram account.

“Lately I have been annoyed by the attitude of some people who say they are fans, but they are not. I cannot keep a phone number for more than two weeks because people who say they are ‘Neymarzetes’ find my number and spend all morning calling and sending messages.

“They discover the numbers of my family, my girlfriend and my friends and they call with stories and tell lies, making them also have to change their numbers.

“That’s why I am here, asking with my heart that all those who appreciate me and have been with me from the start, that if they know anyone who does not know the limits, that they advise them, for the love of God, to change their behaviour.

“These people are causing me serious problems. Please, do not bother me anymore.”

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