‘We had lost confidence in Braulio’

Amadeo Salvo has explained that the Valencia board was in full agreement to sack Braulio Vazquez, having lost confidence in him.

Los Che announced this week that they have dispensed with the sporting director’s services, after three-and-a-half years at the club.

Salvo, who gave an interview to Aljazeera Sport News as part of a promotional trip to Doha, explained the decision.

“We made the decision to fire Braulio [on Sunday] and the whole of the board agreed to the decision. We had lost confidence,” commented the President this week, before talking on a number of other topics relating to the Mestalla outfit.

“We have similarities to Atletico Madrid. We have both had years where we have won or been close to the big two. Now they are very well. I congratulate Simeone for his work and for how he is using his players. I wish them well. And we hope to be there with them.

“Rami? With Rami, his problem was a lack of respect for the Coach, the club and the players. We felt it was the best possible solution. If Milan comes in with a good offer at the end of the season, we will see what happens with him.”

Salvo’s main objective is to improve the club’s burden of debt.

“We are trying to change this. Let’s try to find out sources of funding as opposed to the sale of players.

“We have spent €200m on transfers in players in the last nine years, we are trying to lower costs.

“We will continue to honour the heritage of the club. If an investor does not have a serious sporting project, we will not accept them.

“We are one of the few clubs in Europe who actually owns their property.

“Would we sell the club? People who have wanted to buy the club have wanted to do so just for profit and we cannot accept this.

“If an investor is willing to invest money, then good, but at the last board meeting we decided that we will not sell to anyone who comes in. We have a plan to finance the club.

“We have reduced the costs by €60m, with regard to the Nou Mestalla, which will be a five-star stadium. I am optimistic that we will be successful in completing this.

“We started very badly and we pledge to work tirelessly because it is a long term project.

“We need the fans right now because we have to keep the dream and it is still early. I am certain we are going to end up doing things right.”

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