Perquis’ mouth ‘closed for 50 days’

Real Betis defender Damien Perquis faces ‘up to 50 days’ with his mouth closed as a result of surgery on a double fracture of the jaw.

The centre-back suffered the injury on Sunday evening in an accidental collision with Malaga’s Fabrice Olinga and, after assessment back in Seville to quantify the damage done, has already undergone surgery.

“We are happy because it has reduced the double fracture,” Doctor Fernando Manso explained to reporters this week.

“For the bone to harden he must have his mouth closed for a month-and-a-half, perhaps a little sooner he can return to sporting activity, but we have to assess him.

“He will be fed with everything broken up. In a month-and-a-half things will be resolved.”

Betis’ team doctor, Tomas Calero, also commented on the injury and the initial concern for Perquis.

“The trauma was great, his teammates indicated the urgency of the moment,” reflected Calero.

“He must continue with some regular workouts else he will lose weight. Now he has to go 50 days with his mouth closed.

“After many years, this has been the largest concussion I have seen in my career. He was oblivious to any stimulus.”

It is estimated that Perquis may lose up to four kilograms in weight through eating his food broken up for the next six weeks.

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