Pedro: Criticism of Barca unfair

Pedro Rodriguez has played down Lionel Messi’s goalscoring drought and played up Barcelona’s recent form.

The Blaugrana are yet to lose this season but recent games have continued to draw scrutiny for their playing style and form, as well as their four-time Ballon d’Or winner’s form in front of goal.

“He has not scored in the last few games. When he goes two games without scoring it seems that something is wrong, but he is fine,” Pedro has reflected on Messi’s run of three games without a goal.

“Leo always makes the difference. The rest of us are scoring goals and that’s good for the team.

“Conclusions should be drawn at the end of the season. He is ambitious and always wants to score goals, but honestly I see him as calm.

“He is the best in the world and the goals will come. If he is not scoring now, he is still helping the team in other ways, such as with assists.”

Barca this Wednesday play host to Milan in the fourth round of matches of the group stage of the Champions League.

“We want to win, obviously. We would be in a great position in the group, but they are a team that always asks a lot from us.

“We should be very attentive to everything that happens on the pitch. They are a team with great potential, Kaka, Robinho, Balotelli… they have many options.

“Our recent form? What matters is that the results have been good. You can play well and not win and not play well and win it all. Being at the top [of La Liga] is most important.

“We have had long possessions in games, but there are moments that we have played more direct. We have played well, whilst by the end of the season we will have improved further in our style of play.

“We are playing well and some of the criticism has been unfair. We are winning with comfort and that should be valued.

“Being at the top is very complicated. During the season the team will improve its physical tone and most important is that we keep winning.”

Pedro was asked of Tata Martino’s squad rotations so far and if he fears losing his place in the Spain squad as a result.

“The Coach has decided so far to give me more of a chance away from home than at the Camp Nou. It’s complicated for the competition and we must each make the most of our opportunities.

“I feel important in the team, with much to contribute. And I have always wanted and still want to be here.

“In view of the World Cup there is concern, as you can see your chances drop if you don’t play enough, but with Vicente [del Bosque] there has always been a good harmony.”

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