‘Diego Costa is persona non grata’

The CBF believe Diego Costa was ‘tempted’ to play for Spain with money and have asked for his Brazilian nationality to be removed.

The player was the subject of a tug-of-war between the Selecao and La Roja, with the latter proving successful following last night’s confirmation in writing to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Whilst Costa has explained his reasoning today, the CBF have not taken kindly to his decision, which came despite playing twice for Brazil in friendlies earlier this calendar year.

“We have no doubt that Diego Costa was tempted. He suffered two hours of Spanish pressure yesterday [Monday] and two hours more in the morning [Tuesday],” explained CBF legal representative Carlos Eugenio Lopes to O Globo today.

“It is obvious that the reason for his choice was financial. The President [of the CBF, Jose Maria Marin], has allowed me to establish proceedings with the Ministry of Justice, calling for the loss of his Brazilian nationality, which Diego Costa disowned on Tuesday.

“He speaks of love for Brazil in the letter to the CBF, but has opted for Spain in the same year that he played two friendly matches for the Brazilian national team. And now in the same week that he was called for two more friendlies in November.

“The CBF was willing to fight for the player. Legally, our arguments are strong, because friendlies contribute to the FIFA World Rankings.

“Also, it was a 1-0 win over Brazil that allowed Switzerland to climb to seventh in the rankings, which has ensured they are seeded for the World Cup draw. If friendlies did not count, would they be ranked seventh? No. That would be Italy.

 “The President told me that Diego Costa will not be able to join the family of Scolari, as he would contaminate the family, because he is not committed to Brazil.

“Marin has asked me what I thought could be done to avoid, in every possible way, that he plays with Spain.

“From now on, Diego Costa is persona non grata in the national team, and that the players themselves will not welcome him after this episode.”

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