Costa: I owe everything to Spain

Diego Costa has explained his decision to choose to represent Spain over Brazil at international level.

The 25-year-old Atletico Madrid man saw his decision to represent La Roja confirmed yesterday evening as he officially turned down the Selecao’s advances.

“It was a difficult decision for all involved, to decide between the country of your birth and the country that has given you everything, which is Spain,” Costa has reflected in an interview with Atleti’s official website today.

“I have considered it and the right thing is to play for Spain because here is where I have achieved everything.

“All that I have in my life has been given to me by this country, who I have a very special affection for. Here I feel appreciated for what I do every day and feel the love of the people.

“I want people to understand that at no moment have I turned down Brazil. That is not how I see it. I simply feel valued here, where I have made my career. All that I am I owe to this country.

“It has been a well-thought out decision, but there has been no rejection. I have family in Brazil, it is where I was born and where I will live when I stop playing football. Hopefully people will understand and respect that.”

The striker reflected on the chance of playing for La Roja in the future now.

“Not everyone gets to defend this shirt. It is an honour, something huge in the life of a footballer. From when Del Bosque calls me and I can play five, 10 or 15 minutes, I will give everything because that is what I am.

“In my life I have always worked to give everything in every team and with the Spanish national team I will give anything because they are the team of the country that has given me everything. I hope to contribute somehow.

“Negotiations for which country? One of the things that came to mind is the importance of the group. It is the thing most valued in a changing room and for the performance of a team.

“I made it clear to those who spoke with me and the Coach that the important thing was the group.

“If the group agreed and thought it was the right decision for the good of the group, I would be delighted.”

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