Perez: Media campaign against Bale

Florentino Perez believes there is a media campaign being waged against Gareth Bale concerning his back injury.

The Real Madrid President appeared on the Punta Pelota programme to categorically deny the Welshman has suffered a herniated disc, although he did admit he had a ‘protusion’.

However, Perez says he had no knowledge of Bale’s injury when the club signed him for a world record transfer fee, and told the programme he was “very surprised” the story of the player’s hernia was published, while saying it was “hard to believe a story of such cruelty”.

At the same time, he lamented the fact people believed he knew Bale had arrived injured from Tottenham Hotspur and gave his approval.

“Saturday was the first time I had heard about it. I only know of the [medical] examinations if they are passed or not and to say they told me of the hernia after the review is completely false.”

According to Sport, Perez acknowledged that the club’s legal team are considering suing Marca newspaper.

“One of the newspaper’s editors called the club’s medical services and Bale’s agent, yet did not publish a single line. That is a very serious thing because at stake is the image of both Real Madrid and Gareth Bale.

“It has caused a lot of concern within the player’s inner circle because he has a lot of contracts and an image to preserve.”

On the protusion that the club does recognise, Perez gave an explanation.

“In normal people there are 30 per cent that suffer, but in athletes it is more so because of the effort they put in, yet an absolutely normal thing has been turned into something quite extraordinary,” he said, before commenting on Bale’s current state of health.

“He is relaxed and looking forward to playing this Saturday. He had some muscle problems as he has not had a pre-season, but has already trained well.”

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