Diego Costa on Atleti, La Roja, Brazil

Diego Costa has spoken to El Larguero about his Atletico Madrid team, La Roja and his early life in Brazil.

The 25-year-old, born in Legarto, Brazil, has already confirmed his desire to represent Spain, although the Spanish Football Federation are unable to call upon him just yet, but he is in no doubt where his international ambitions lie.

“I spoke to [Vicente] Del Bosque but to make a decision like this you have to be certain that you are wanted. One person cannot change a group because the Seleccion is a family.

“If someday I can represent them I don’t want to create any problems and I would hope the rest of the players want me. It would be an honour to play with Xavi, Iniesta, Casillas…they are champions.”

Diego Costa insisted he is at heart a shy person and spoke of his early life growing up in Brazil.

“It’s not that I don’t want to give interviews, but there are a lot of issues surrounding me and I want to be relaxed about it. I’m very shy.

“I started playing in Brazil when I was very small, in a field that was next to my grandparents’ house. My family on my father’s side are farmers and my mother was a teacher.

“I was a good student but I chose football. I always wanted to give my family a better life and I left home at 15 to work in my uncle’s shop. I wanted to earn money to buy a motorbike.

“It was my uncle who recommended me to have trials with various teams. I was then taken on and had a good youth championship,” he revealed, before touching on his sometimes aggressive nature on the pitch.

“I don’t have any badness in me and I’m as good as gold. On the field I always fight my corner but without malice. When the game is over it is all forgotten about.

“A lot of times opponents look to provoke me because they know the kind of character I am.”

Having joined Atleti from Braga in 2007, Diego Costa says it was tough for him to adapt at first.

“When I arrived at the club I knew it was going to be difficult but I was willing to work hard and fight. I had a chat with the boss and told him I needed minutes after being out injured, and to work me hard in training.

“I also told him that if he didn’t count on me then I would understand, but he was very clear in that he wanted me.

“At Atletico the team is very united, very workmanlike, so we have to take advantage of that and stay at the top for as long as possible.

“Atleti is a family, very close. I’ve played for many Coaches but I think that Cholo [Simeone] has brought the best out of me,” he added.

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