Collet: LFP not in line with Premier

Joan Collet says the Spanish League (LFP) is not on the lines of the Premier League as regards a fair distribution of television revenue.

Moreover, although the Espanyol President [pictured, left] believes LFP President Javier Thebes and his executives are working for clubs to achieve a fairer share of broadcasting rights, he claims the figures involved are not on a par with England.

“The LFP is not in line with a share of the rights such as happens in the Premier. We are not talking about total revenue, but a proportion of this income like in the rest of Europe,” he told RNE.

Collet was reported this week as having mentioned the possibility of a strike to force the issue of the majority of La Liga clubs earning substantially less than Real Madrid and Barcelona, although he has since moderated his words.

“At no time did I blow a trumpet and say we should go on strike. I only said that this was one of the methods we could adopt, as they did in Italy.”

He was also disappointed at the Spanish embassy’s recommendation for his club not to travel to Libya this weekend for a friendly with Al Ittihad in Tripoli due to security reasons.

“I’m a little upset because there is nothing happening in Tripoli. We have asked for reports from worldwide security companies that are working there,” he maintained.

It is understood that Espanyol were due to earn around €200,000 from the friendly in the Middle East.

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