‘Martino transmits tranquillity’

Carles Rexach believes that Tata Martino’s strongest quality in leading Barcelona is that he ‘transmits tranquillity’ to the players.

The Argentine is enjoying a 100 per cent record to the start of the Spanish League season and the club’s Champions League campaign and has a former Barca Coach impressed.

“What I like about him is that he is normal and that is important. It is good to have a Coach smiling,” Rexach pondered to those at the Forum Foundation hosted at the Sala Auditorio 1899 this week.

“He transmits tranquillity and that’s crucial. From the outside it seems that he doesn’t get nervous, that he dominates situations.

“Before everyone becomes a sergeant, they say the best Coach you can have is one that is relaxed and we brought in Rijkaard, who was half asleep. Then there was Van Gaal.

“I can tell you that Martino can do whatever he wants and that if he wins or not, it is with his ideas.”

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