Ramos: Everyone behind Carlo

Sergio Ramos has played down the significance of reports on Real Madrid, insisting that everyone is united behind Carlo Ancelotti.

Reports on from defeat at home to Atletico Madrid have centred on the players having called a meeting before training on Monday with Ancelotti.

“The purpose of the meeting is not important. It is the effectiveness that it is likely to have,” today’s Press conference began from Ramos, who is seen as one of the instigators of that meeting.

“As Cristiano said a few days ago, we are fully behind the Coach and we are all responsible. We have to be together and draw positive conclusions.

“The fans’ criticism of the team is normal. We know how demanding our fans have been over the years, but we understand.

“The fans are used to seeing their team play well. They rely on the team and know that we can give more. We must return their ambition.

“Nobody doubts that Madrid will be up there challenging for the trophies at the end of the season because we have a great team.

“We aspire to win all three titles. It is too early in the season, whilst the season is also very long.

“Do not take [Ancelotti’s comments at the weekend] out of context. The team came out [against Atletico Madrid] with the idea of giving their best, but in football anything can happen.

“I think that the Coach is happy with his squad and is confident in his players, as we are in him.”

At the meeting held yesterday, reports also emerged that the team called out Pepe for his on-pitch complaints at Karim Benzema during the weekend derby, when Ramos had to intervene.

“What happens in the dressing room should stay there. When things need to be resolved, they are resolved. What happened isn’t important.

“Karim lives for goals and when there are no goals, there are critics. He is the best in the world and when he is on a streak, no-one will doubt him. We have all been whistled here.”

Ramos was at today’s Press conference to discuss Madrid’s upcoming Champions League test at home to Copenhagen.

“Although they are seen as the weakest of the group, you cannot trust this. Any team can make life difficult, such as Elche and Villarreal.

“They are a team with a very short history, I believe 20 years, but they have already won 10 Leagues.”

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